Holiday Crafting

Holiday Crafting

Each year I swear not to craft for gifts, or make an early start to it if I do… and each year it always come down to the last 25 days.

Well, here is my first completed crafted gift.  A NicoleM 90mm Barrel Purse.

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It’s not PERFECT, but for my first metal frame purse it’s awesome 😀  There are things I’ll do differently with future ones.  The clearance between the arm and the bed of my machine isn’t high enough for me to manipulate the purse properly to put the two sections together and do the top stitching around the top etc.  The Peltex/Timtex type material is in it by then, and it’s quite stiff.  So for future ones, I’ll be handstitching the ENTIRE top section.  This in a way will actually save me time (as I won’t spend it cursing at my machine).

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