Millinery Essentials Course – Day 5

Millinery Essentials Course – Day 5

Not too much to report, it’s just plodding along with the making of things.

I got my brim off it’s block, only to find out that it was 1.25″ too small.  So I spent the next half hour manipulating the crown section of the brim to expand it, and in the process trying very hard not to screw up all my hard previous blocking work.  I think I did ok, but will find out next week when I start actually assembling my hat.

The fascinator is looking good, slowly coming together, and over this week I’ll be really starting to get it together, and I should have some pictures next week.

2 thoughts on “Millinery Essentials Course – Day 5

  1. I’m hoping to have some next week. The projects just aren’t in any state of ‘together’ enough for them to look like stuff.. LOL

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