Baby Steps, and Small Plans

Baby Steps, and Small Plans

I have no specific plans or timelines.  I have a starting point and an ‘ideal’ goal.  I should have more of a plan, though.  Not just so I know in which direction to head, but it will also help me keep things a little more organised.

Yesterday I had taken time to style my hair a little before going out, and I thought it was worth preserving a little of the body of the ‘do.  So before bed last night, I pinned just my fringe area (or bangs) into some pincurls and pulled the rest of my hair back, to keep it neat.  It worked great as my fringe went right back into it’s nice full semi-pompadour.  It’s a small thing, but it made me smile this morning.

I want to start exercising again, too.  I have an exercise bike at my disposal, as well as a Wii Fit (so much fun!), not to mention a pretty view if I head down to the bay to go for a nice level walk.

I think the key here for me is small steps, and not expecting too much from myself all at once.  I know if I start feeling overwhelmed I’ll go into ‘hiding’ again because it’s just ‘easier’.  And yes, it takes no effort at all, but it’s not easier on my mental and spiritual health.

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