The Start of My Journey (sticky post)

The Start of My Journey (sticky post)

I want so very much to share my journey.

I want so very much to get back the style that I let slide away.

I want, hopefully, to inspire at least one person to take back their self and inject their life with vivacity.

Ten years ago I was a vintage styled, singing, dancing and superbly coiffed young woman.  To no fault of anyone but myself, I have become a tracksuit wearing, non-dancing semi-slob

I decided that this has to change.  I’m not happy in my own skin, I hate the clothes (or a great part thereof) in my wardrobe, I miss my “hair time”, my vintage/inspired clothes, I miss dancing and most of all, I miss a part of me that has fallen into semi-oblivion.

I have the commitment of my family to support me.  I am investing in some new ‘classic’ and yet vintage styled sewing patterns so that I can love what I see in my wardrobe every day.  I also have bought some velcro rollers, curl clips and a setting net so that my coiff can be silky smooth and bouncy.

So that’s the external stuff, right?  What about the mentality, the drive, the ambition to make *this* time the time that it works.  Well, at almost 34 I have to make the change now if it’s ever going to happen long term, right?

I plan on including lot of different things along the way.  From hair and makeup, to garments I sew for myself, bargain shopping finds, recipes and exercise triumphs!

I have no time frame, as it’s more important for this to be a lasting change.  But I do have other goals.

  • Eradicate ‘sweats’ and the like from my wardrobe.  I deserve to look fantastic every day.
  • Look after my skin better, from within as well as externally.
  • Maintain a vintage hair cut & style it every day.  NO MORE PONYTAILS!
  • Do something that makes me happy every single day.

Join me on my path from frumpy to fabulous!

4 thoughts on “The Start of My Journey (sticky post)

  1. You know what, I know exactly where you are coming from, over the past few years my confidence has taken a massive hit and I feel like I have lost myself along the way.

    My first step back has been returning my hair to its usual colours not found in nature state. The second has been rediscovering my love of history.

    You are an inspiration m’dear and I think I will join you in taking back my identity a little at a time.

  2. Awesome! And brave of you to share. Putting it out there is the first step to making a change-if your friends know it’s harder to give up.
    I was also told once that if you have a “goal”, you also need to have a list of steps to get to that goal. Lots easier to cross off little things than the 1 giant goal!!

    If you need a dancing/walking ’round the bay/dressing up buddy let me know!

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