Millinery Essentials Course – Day One

Millinery Essentials Course – Day One

I enrolled for this course after seeing the Milliner’s Guild stand at the Living Creatively show back in August.  I have always loved hats, but can never seem to buy them from the stores as I have a big old head (proven when I found out I have the biggest head in the current class – including one male).

Last night was all introductions and feeling our way.  We did get to play with some sinamay, which is the basis for a lot of fascinators and hats.  It’s made from banana fibres and has sizing in it to make it stiff.  It can be treated as fabric, wet and sculpted and lots of interesting things.  I’m looking forward to playing with it some more.

Next week we get into the ‘how to’s’ of the actual making of a fascinator.

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