It’s Just Not Me.

It’s Just Not Me.

I have utmost respect for fibre artists of all kinds.  I do, really.  It’s a versatile medium that lends itself to innumerable manipulations and forms.


Don’t expect me to LIKE everything that is put in front of me.  I can respect the intent, the form and the time put into it, but it may just not be something I LIKE.

“Art Yarn” is one of these things that I am on the fence of.  There are some that I find quite pretty, and others that seem like it’s a 2yo trying to spin on mummies or daddies wheel while they’re not looking.  Underspun chunky singles with little bits of overspun coils that aren’t quite ‘on purpose’ (I have one of these sitting on my desk, it came in a sample box and I’m trying desperately to needle felt with it so that it won’t be wasted).

Now I love spinning, and would love to know the mechanics behind some of the art yarn techniques (like corespun), but don’t expect me to create a lot of yarns that aren’t somewhat even and plied.  It’s just not me. I don’t want yarn that looks like it’s bought from a machine spun manufacturer, but I do want something that will create nice stitches, cables or lace when knitted.

But I would like to see what YOU have created, so don’t be worried that I’d admonish your superb efforts of art yarn spinning, because THAT’s not me either.  I will always give credit and praise where due!

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