The Not-So-Dreaded Shawl Flu

The Not-So-Dreaded Shawl Flu

With lace socks that don’t fit, and a sweater that is unseaonsal, I have turned my attention to the shawl I had started with some of my handspun.  While I really love the look of it, trying to sit down to a lace chart that requires some level of concentration just does not work when you’re looking after a (soon to be) 3 year old boy.   So I frogged what I had started.

Photosynthesis - WIP1Next I polled a couple of “shawl fluent” friends to see what I should do.  I really want a shawl for those days/evenings where it’s not cold enough for a sweater/cardi, but too cold to be in one layer.  Photosynthesis is the pattern that won.  The entire first part is a 6 row repeat, where half are purl rows, and one of the knit rows is all knit with a couple of YO’s at edge and centre.  So there are 2 rows of actual ‘lace’ to remember, and after a couple of repeats you can read the knitting!  I’m deeply entrenched in the first part of the shawl, and LOVING it!

The colours in the yarn are shifting beautifully in the pattern and I am just chomping to get to the end of it so I can wear it everywhere!

I highly recommend the pattern for people who aren’t confident with lace, or who can’t spend the time concentrating on lace.  It’s US$7, but totally worth the money.

I plan on doing another one in a lace weight with beads next!

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