It Started with a Sock

It Started with a Sock

For my first post, I thought I’d start with socks. Lovely hand knitted socks.

I have a love / hate relationship with socks. I love their form, the design possibilities, and the fact that at most they take about 100g of sock weight yarn. I have, however, only ever completed one pair of knitted socks. But they were knitted out of a worsted weight handspun. I have attempted MANY times to knit a pair of fingering weight yarn socks. I even got as far as finishing one, and getting halfway through the second before deciding that I hated the way the yarn looked and frogged them both. I have cast on and knit many toes (I like the idea of toe up socks), out of many different yarns, but for one reason or another, I end up giving up and frogging them.

Swan Song ToesA couple of nights ago, I decided that it was time to knit, and complete a pair of socks for myself. I wanted a pair of socks to wear with my dancing shoes for class. So they had to be pretty, vibrant and a little lacy. I found a great pattern in Swan Song (Ravelry Link), it’s a toe up, heel flap, slightly lacy sock. The yarn I chose is some lovely purple semi-solid hand-dyed yarn. I think it’s lovely, well.. because I dyed it. To me, it’s all the shades of Amethyst Quartz Crystal.

I’ve had to make mods to the pattern already, as I was knitting to gauge, to the medium pattern, and it just seemed way to wide for my foot.  So I took it back to 58 stitches instead of 66.  This meant I had to alter the lace pattern.  So I removed 4 knit stitches from between the centre panel and the border (2 each side).  This is going to alter the way the overall pattern looks, of course, but I think it will work well.

I’m hoping to have these finished by the October long weekend, so we’ll see how I go.

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  1. My socks next? I love purple btw but i think you knew that! Im betting those socks will be finished way before then! Go Tia!

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