Stitches & Craft Show, Sydney

Stitches & Craft Show, Sydney

As you may or may not know, the Stitches & Craft show was taken over by “Living Creatively” last year. And to be quite honest, last years August show was a bit of a let down. For new management, not much had changed, and what had changed hadn’t been very well done.

HOWEVER, this year saw (in my eyes) a totally different style of show. There was a lot less of any one single craft style (ie: Quilting or Scrapbooking), and a lot more variety.

I met Issy there this morning for a day of awesome.

NicoleM DesignsLevel 4 was “The Incubator”, showcasing new talent and interesting crafts. In my opinion this one level was worth the entry fee alone. Two of my RSS feed bloggers were there, Nicole Mallalieu Designs and Audrey & Maude.  I didn’t get to see A&M as they were constantly busy as they were running not one, but TWO workshops during the day, but I did get to stop and see Nicole and her wonderous display of hats, bags and purses, and I picked up my first booty of the day:

I’ve been wanting to make some Nicole M stuff for quite a while, and I L-O-V-E the fedora pattern!Level 4

The rest of Level 4 was just as awesome!  I picked up lots of accessories for myself (hehe)
CUTE clips, buttons and hair bobbles.  I am in hairstastic heaven 😀  Also a couple of pendant/bracelet making beady things and some ‘costume’ button rings.  <3

The “Canary” scissors are a twin to a pair I bought last year.  They are the perfect size to attach to a notions pouch in one’s knitting bag.

Last but certainly not least are the ribbons.  I decided this week that I require hair ribbons for all occasions and outfits… So I darn well bought them!

Ribbon Lust

SQUEE!  The uber-huge ric rac on the left will be made into elastic bound headbands. The rest will either be left as ribbon to tie, or elasticised, depending on how each actually go in my hair 😀

I also picked up some fabric to go into the Rainbow Quilt (Moonshine Designs) for the workshop I’m doing in October.  There is also talk of possibly doing a TAFE course next year.. but I’m not going to say on what unless I enrol.

All in all, I had a great day!

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