Take a Note….

Take a Note….

I’ve made the Pink Chalk Studio’s Note Taker (in both the full and half size) before, but I have been meaning to make one for myself for quite some time.  So I bit the bullet and decided that I’d like a place for a pen (or two), my small diary and a notepad.  So I pulled out my fat quarters, and my fabrics and saw what I had.  As it happened that I had three fabrics that were awesome together.

[singlepic id=732 w=150 float=left]I made a few very small changes to the pattern, mostly cosmetic.  First is that I added a bias strip to the top of the ‘paper catcher’ on the left hand side… purely aesthetic.  Then I swapped the button & ribbon closure for a magnetic snap’n’flap, just so it’s a bit more sturdy.  Lastly, I didn’t use Timtex.  In the front at spine areas, I used the Floriani “Stitch’n’shape” which is like Fast2Fuse but much easier to get.  In the back I used a piece of Textile Board (available from Tall Poppy Crafts) covered in a very fine wadding fleece (adhered with hemming web).  This was just to give me a sturdier ‘resting’ place for when I was writing.  And now that I’ve done that once, I would actually do it front ant back next time, as I think the finish is lovely both inside and out.

[singlepic id=731 w=240 float=center]

So now I can throw it in my handbag and know that I’ve always got a pen, a notepad and my diary with me.

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