Mish Mash

Mish Mash

Well, I got sick last week.  Very little sleep, a lower resistance to bugs and a bug in the house, and I was out for the count.  Luckily my husband was the sweetest man and took a little time off work to be home so I could rest and recover.  By Saturday I was mostly well.

Saturday saw me and my friend Issy sorting through 2 sheep fleeces and 4 alpaca fleeces to see what processing will need to be done for them to be spinnable.  Both sheeps fleeces need scouring (one desperately more than the other), and out of 4 full alpaca fleeces, I ended up with about the equivalent of 2 good ones.  Only one of the four was a young alpaca, and the other three were riddled with guard hair (aka Elvis wigs) and nasty matted poo places.  One fleece was just discarded totally as it was a very old animal and really wasn’t worth sorting through.  Of the younger fleece, we put aside a few handfuls and washed it for carding.  It ended up being about 120g split into three batts.  It’s awfully smooshy and lovely.  And pure black.  Shall be a treasure to spin.

My IL’s returned from their Motorhome Safari a day early.  Needless to say that Roh was thrilled to see them, and them him.  it was a good catch up night over Chinese food and some beers.  My MIL bought me the Bracelet of Awesome!  I’m pretty picky with my accessories, and don’t often wear costume jewellery, but I LOVE this bracelet.

Bracelet of Awesomness

It’s not the best photo, I will take a better one soon.

Sunday was a great day, Issy & I headed into town to see a special “knit along” viewing of Calamity Jane.  It was a part of “Seniors Week”, and a totally awesome idea.  I found out that singing and knitting don’t work, and spent a fair chunk of the movie un-knitting the 4 rows that I had knit while singing.  Oh well.  I shut up for the rest of the movie and concentrated on the knitting.  Sunday afternoon was pretty relaxed, consisted of a little housework, kicking a ball and realising just how tired I was.  So Sunday night, once Roh was in bed (record early 7:30pm, people!), Daniel & I retreated to the bedroom, to rest, watch Tomb Raider and he worked on some coding, while I pinned up my hair (I wanted to try and preserve my cool hairdo somewhat), gave myself a mini-manicure and knit.  I think I fell asleep before 9:30!  Not that much sleep was had, it was awefully hot, and of course, Roh woke up.

So today, I take it easy.  Rejoice in the fact that the pinning up of hair was well worth the time, and look at my lovely shaped nails.  They’ve been polished with the OPI Nail Envy, so I’m hoping to grow them a little, and keep them strong.  I might do some laundry too.

Enjoy your monday!

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