Very Regent…

Very Regent…

I have always loved the movie adaptations of Jane Austen novels.  I have always loved the styles of clothing, the hair, the way the women carried themselves.  The femininity of it all is just so appealing to me.

Recently I have had thoughts of making a regency style dress for while I’m at home. I love (and prefer) to wear dresses and skirts, and why not feel special when you’re doing the housework or playing with your child?

I love the patterns at Sense & Sensibility Patterns.  Their range is awesome, and you can download the patterns to print off at home (or Officeworks etc) so you don’t have to wait for the pattern to be delivered!  I will be definitely getting some of those patterns soon!  They accomodate for larger busts and sizings too (which is something the ‘big 4’ pattern companies don’t do).

I have a pattern from Burda Style (Francesca) that is a great modern twist on the Regency type style too.  It’s a very adaptable pattern, I even made a 1940’s style dress from it.  I haven’t taken photos of it yet, because I don’t have a dress form (and forgot to take a photo of me in it when I wore it last).

Lots of sewing fun ahead!

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