Lots of Things

Lots of Things

I know it’s been a while, and there really hasn’t been too much of note to blog about.  Last week saw the http://www.imaginerdtive.com website go up.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a trial at this stage.  The outcome of these sales will determine whether it will go ahead or not.

Knitting wise, there’s not much news.  I’ve been hit with a severe case of castonitis.  So I have far too many projects on the go at once (yet again).  Two wraps, a pair of socks, a scarf and a cardi.  LOL ..

Spinning wise, I’m still working on 4 lots of fibre.  The Angorino is still on the wheel.  the only reason it’s taking so long is that DS has decided he is fascinated by spinning.  Which will be great in a couple of years when I can actually teach him how to do it with me, rather than his prohibiting my progress.  But for now, it’s restricted my wheel time until after his bedtime.  Spindles are going well, I’m just about finished the Dragonskin (alpaca and silk), I thought I *had* finished, but after searching for something completely unrelated, I found 4 more rolags.  The Rustic biffle&bunny is almost 1/2 way through.  It’s beign spun as a laceweight, so understandable that it’s taking a while.  On the Spindolyn is now some silk caps that were given to me as a gift.  They are dyed in a colour that is perfect to ply with the Rustic, so I’m very excited about that.

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The IL’s are away for 3 weeks starting tomorrow, which will change the household dynamic a bit.  I’m hoping to get some serious decluttering and sewing done in that time.

That’s it for now, really.  We’re about to head out for some playtime 😀

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