Batty for Bento

Batty for Bento

After talking with a couple of friends, and doing some reading up on the subject, we’re going to give Bento a go.  It will be a good way for DH to eat better while at work, and for when Roh & I go out, we’ll be able to eat healthier rather than relying on fast food.

So after finding that Bento ‘stuff’ is nigh on impossible unless you have some kind of Bento-radar, and ordering online can get expensive, when you come across a “$2 shop” that has small Bento Boxes and other cool stuff for $2.99 (rather than paying $35 per box), and that Aldi has a ‘similar’ item that is leak proof and sectional for under $10… you kinda get excited.

Below are our boxes, and the first bento to go!  Lunch for DH with 3 onigiri, some pan fried chicken on lettuce and 2 hard boiled eggs.  Not a terriffic Bento, but for a beginner with limited supplies (to start with), not bad.

Bento BoxesFirst Bento!

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