Little things for this Year.

Little things for this Year.

I don’t like making New Years Resolutions.  They’re inevitably not kept.  I would, however, like to make a wishlist for myself for 2009.  Things that I would like to accomplish, or at least I would like to work towards.

I want to move more.  Not just exercise, but generally.  I’m back into dancing this week, and I’m hoping to get back on our exercise bike next weekend (it needs a vacuum out).  I want to get back into swimming again too.

I want to create more.  I want to knit garments for myself.  I want to sew a wardrobe full of clothes for myself.  I want to bake more too.  It will be a challenge with Roh’s dietary restrictions.

I want to laugh more.  I didn’t laugh enough in 2008.

I want to socialise more.  I lose touch with people too easily in this ratrace we live in.

I want to slow down.  There IS time for everything, we just have to capture the opportunities.

So there’s my wishlist for this year.

And because of this wishlist, I’ve also decided not to knit ‘garments’ for myself this year.  I will be knitting accessories and ‘sizeless’ things like shawls/wraps, but I’m not going to spend time knitting things for myself that won’t fit me in 6 months.

So on we go!

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