Pot Pourri

Pot Pourri

No, not the smelly stuff, but a little bit of everything.

I have moved all the posts over, and am now working on the gallery and the tutorials etc.  I’m hoping to have it all done by mid Dec (including tweaking of the template).

I received my 100g Challenge swap parcel, which I just LOVE!  Smooshy scarf, some lovely sweets (and a mini dumpling bag), and a stunning skein of merino/silk yarn that is destined to be a mitts & cowl set.

I have also spun a whopping amount of alpaca for a dear friend of mine who is moving to QLD at the end of the year.  It wasn’t always fun, but it was always a learning exercise.  After picking, carding and spinning, we ended up with about 480 metres of fingering weight alpaca.  It is uber soft and while I love it, I will be happy to see it go to Rell.


Nothing much else happening right this moment.  I am going to go through all my UFO’s and frog what I’m not going to finish in the next 3 months.

I’m about to whip out the sewing machine again and get busy making clothes and bags and what not.. first on the list is a dress for the Swingtime Christmas party next month.  WOO!  Signature red, of course.. ;).

More soon!

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