I’ve been trying to think of ways to repurpose or recycle things around the house, so I wouldn’t have to buy something new.  I’ve been dying to make myself an apron for ‘everyday’ wear around the house, just so I can save my clean tops with the little splatters that one encounters when one has a (near) 2 year old son.  So often I put on a spiffy new top in the morning, only to have all sorts of things ending up over the front because I’m rushing around, or happen to get in the way of flying food when the boy sneezes or whatever.  But I’ve been reticent in cutting into brand new fabric for this purpose.

This is where having a husband whose nickname is Wookiee-man is handy.  I was ironing some business shirts yesterday, and what do I find?  Three of them need to be ‘tossed out’ due to the fact that their collars are worn through.  But wait!  They’re all really good fabric, sturdy but light….. I… could…. maybe…. YES!  They will have new life!  I can easily get a little smock apron out of one of his shirts.  All I need is some bias binding! 😀

I’ve assured him I won’t be coveting his shirts before their time comes…. really… I won’t.

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