Watching the By Royal Variety performance on Ovation tonight, there was an excerpt from Wicked the Musical shown, and guess who plays the Wizard of Oz??  NEIL FROM THE YOUNG ONES!!  When I pointed at the TV and said the previous, all I got was a blank stare and a “Who?”.


I then jumped onto MSN to ask two of my friends who are ‘around’ the same age as my husband, and begged that they knew who The Young Ones were.  No.. they did not…

I feel this may be a defining difference between GenXers and GenYers.  Me, being a GenXer, had the references to The Young Ones, and afterwards Rik Mayal, whereas my husband and friends (the GenYers) maybe didn’t have a GenXer to introduce them, my sister did, however.  LOL..

For those of you who don’t know who The Young Ones are, here is their big ‘hit’ song with Cliff Richard.

So funny!

4 thoughts on “UTTER UTTER UTTER UTTER … ad nauseum

  1. I’d never heard of them until I met the Snook. He mentioned them at one point, and I got him videotapes of both series for Christmas a few years back. Watching it was INSANE. I’m like, Why are there talking carrot puppets? Why are there musical guests? Did they just go to Narnia???

    Now I love it and we quote it all the time. Oh no, the technology is hassling me! 🙂

  2. Man I loved that show. Absolute madness.

    My favourite Episode would have to be Boring!.
    And you can’t go past Alexi Sayle for sheer insanity.

  3. okay now you’re making me feel OLD.
    My kids ALL learnt about The Young Ones at an early age and it remains one of my eldest son’s favourites of all time [ along with Red Dwarf ]

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