Trying New Things

Trying New Things

I am currently spinning an epic proportion of laceweight singles in a beautiful Optim/Soy/Bamboo blend. Ok.. sure it’s only 200g worth, but 60g FILLS a bobbin! So in between bobbins I am spinning ‘little’ things to give me a little break.

I’m also using these “little spins” to try some new things. I bought 50g of a Merino/silk blended tops at the Bendigo show, so thought I’d try something with it. I spun the singles worsted at roughly a laceweight, then beaded some rayon plying thread with some beads and spun a little as a 2ply with beads spaced sporadically through the yarn. There’s about 14g of that. I then decided to ply the rest as a “four ply chain”, or a “4 ply navajo”. All I really did, was navajo the fibre, while carrying the rayon plying thread. And here is what came of it.

[nggallery id=31]

I’m really happy with the results, and it’s destined to be a cowl ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. I saw these pics last night after you’d gone offline.. it’s GORGEOUS! I love what you did with the beads ๐Ÿ™‚ Preeettyyy.

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