Flowers and Faeries

Flowers and Faeries

This is Noro Kureyon Sock yarn.  It seems to be a slightly fulled single ply in a fingering weight (4ply).  It looks handspun, so has a nice rustic feel to it.  I got it originally in an OS bulk order with some other Ravellers.  I chose a colourway that was slightly out of my comfort zone.  It is colour 188, which has silvers, lilacs, blacks, violets, lavenders, magenta purples, limes, olives and colours in between.  It reminds me of Violets and Pansies, of Wicked Witches and Faeries.  I think it is beautiful.


I am just waiting for a set of 2.5mm needles to knit it with (I swatched on 2.75’s and the fabric was too floppy).  It will be a pair of socks and maybe a headband, pending what the yardage yields.

A lot of people have not been 100% happy with the construction of the yarn, eg: too thick/thin for a good sock etc, but i’ve just put it through the ball winder, and there were a few thicker parts, none that were awefully thin, only 1 piece of VM (apparantly this is a problem in the original Kureyon yarn), and only 3 knots (I was expecting at least 10).  It’s not as rough when knitting with it as it feels in the ball, and the colour changes are amazing.

I will be casting on tonight.

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