I went to a spinning class yesterday, as I want to have more control over what I’m producing.  I mean, I’ve done one one day workshop 2 years ago, and everything else has pretty much been ‘self taught’ by playing and reading/watching stuff on the internet.. so I’m not doing too badly.  But everything I was shown made SO much sense.  Linda (teacher) is ready to really get me up and off with control, and I have to prep some actual fleece for my next lesson.  I really want to be able to think “I’d like to spin a laceweight” and actually spin consistently for the amount required (or any other weight I might need for a project).  I think my plying is ok, although I don’t monitor twists per inch or anything.

I have decided that I will be sticking with Tabitha for the next 6-12 months as my sole wheel.  After that, I’ll decide whether I want to upgrade to an Ashford Joy or Majacraft Suzie (for portability).  Same with the drum carder.  I will stick with my Ashford Mini Carder (very old model) and the next one I get will be a Strauch Finest (standard width).  So that’s at least 8 months off.  At least.. LOL

That’s about it, really.  I need to dye more for the store, and really get into processing some of these fibres.  Maybe I’ll even be able to sell some handspun yarn!

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