But I’m not Clarke Kent!

But I’m not Clarke Kent!

I went to Tapestry Craft‘s weekly SnB session last night. I’m making it a mission this year to try and get there every week. “My night out” so to speak. Anyway.

Apparantly I look very different without my glasses.. So much so that one of the girls that I see at TC all the time, had no idea who I was.. LOL… Very Clarke Kent/Superman moment then.

raegarter2.jpgI also gave one of the new regulars a little RAK. She’s getting married in October, and it’s considered bad luck to make or buy your own garter.. so… I made her one. It is the same pattern as the one I made for my girlfriend who got married recently. But I added some Swarovski Crystals in clear & two shades of blue, that were from my wedding dress. To my relief, she was thrilled with it.

I also gave Miss Fee her stitch markers in exchange for some more Medea yarn.. Now I have a lovely sage/apple green colour to play with! I was, however, very surprised when upon asking what shoe size I was, showed me a lovely pair of 40’s style wedge shoes. I commented how lovely the red was, and that I had the same shoe in black and tan… She then GAVE me the shoes!!! I was hugely thrilled and felt very spoiled! I love the shoes!!!!

All in all, it was a very good Thursday night šŸ˜€ Karma was good all around.

4 thoughts on “But I’m not Clarke Kent!

  1. Yay! That’s a beautiful garter! Don’t you love it when Karma catches back up with you? We need photos of those shoes in action!

    BTW … Thursdays seem to the globally-synchronous day for knitting. There are *two* Thursday knitting groups (noon/night)I frequent.

  2. Tia, that was so cool of you, especially as you used parts of your own wedding dress to make Rae’s garter. She is sooo gorgeous. She deserves to be treated with good karma…

  3. You really do look different without them! I loved those red shoes, too. Very fancy.

    I’m going to try to go every week this year, too. Especially now that I’m working in the city, I really need to be more social.

  4. I do? LOL… I guess because I look in the mirror every day, I don’t see it.

    I lurve the red shoes.. I might just have to wear them next week šŸ˜€

    And it would be good to see you come regularly.. you should bring those things you want turned into markers next week šŸ˜€

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