Not a write off, even though I’d planned it to be. I’m not feeling great today, so had planned quietness. But something deep within said “I can do these dishes” .. and .. “I can clean these oven doors” .. and .. “Let’s wipe up these dishes and put them away”.

I don’t recognise this voice. This is not a voice I’m used to hearing. This is a voice I’m sure I silenced when I hit puberty.

This is a voice that tonight said, “make gravy from scratch”.  “You can make a roux without stuffing it up.” … and guess what?  I did!  It was nice gravy too.  I’m not going to share my secret yet.  I’m going to make it again later this week to see if I can duplicate it… I’ll share if it works again.

So my housefaerie voice is audible now.  Which I guess is good.  I just hope she sticks around.

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