Expanding my horizons

Expanding my horizons

I can’t just blog about knitting.  I don’t get to knit as much as I like, so my blog would remain relatively empty.  And well, what’s the fun in that?

So here I go and set out to clutter it all up again.

Yesterday my MIL, son & I went out on a Craft Crawl.  We started at the Epping Cottage Crafts Christmas Sale.  I presume it’s an annual event, and they probably do something before Mothers/Fathers day as well.  Well, we saw some GORGEOUS handmade stuff.  Most of it was very simple, but precious.  I felt bad about feeling that I was more inspired to create than to spend.  I think it’s hard being a crafter and going to those things.  Because you know you can make it, but you feel that you should make your own, and leave that one there for someone who CAN’T make it to buy.   But yes, very inspired to create.

Next was Craft Depot in Pennant Hills.  I love the fabrics in this place.  I am on a bit of a stash-diet at the moment so really wasn’t able to buy anything here either.  Although I have images for next year.

Lyn’s Fine Needlework followed.  LOVING THIS PLACE!  The inspiration to get back into some embroidery flourished here.  The silks, the hand dyed cottons.. LUSCIOUS!  I have some presents in mind specifically.  Along with some home pieces.

Finally was Purple Patch  in Concord.  Lovely little shop 😀  Some very unique fabrics that I will definitely be returning for once the stash-diet is over 😉

I guess that brings me to my very early New Years Resolution.  This is the BIG one.  This one can’t/won’t/shaln’t be broken.  2008 for me is “The Year of the Home“.  I am determined to completely de-clutter our home-space, and transform it into the warm, inviting, cosy and comfy home I know it can be.  By Christmas in ’08, I plan on having the extended family over for Lunch in an environment that says “this home is loved”.

I firmly believe that if I can get my home ‘sorted’, everything else will fall into place.  So here I go. 😀

2 thoughts on “Expanding my horizons

  1. Tia, that is a very good idea for me too. (The decluttering thing). When we bought our house it was because we were NEVER GOING TO HAVE CHILDREN!!!! We bought at auction on July 30 and on August 2 we found out we were EXPECTING OUR FIRST CHILD!!!! Hence the need to declutter. (I nearly said destash. Blasphemy). We have 2 adults, 2 toddlers, 3 cats, and 2 dogs (a Malamute and a Siberian Husky, who live outside) in a 2 bedroom terrace house. Far out brussell sprout, do we have some crap to get rid of! The point of my epic tale is to ask for any hints on Getting Rid of Unwanted Crap hereafter referred to as GRUC. Keep me posted with ideas…

  2. So far, Mel, I’ve found that just getting two big empty boxes and labelling one “keep” and the other “throw” to be really helpful. I’ve been really quite ruthless this time around. If I haven’t touched it in over 12 months and haven’t missed it, then it goes out. My only exception are photos and family treasures (I have some things from my Nanna). Clothes that don’t fit… bye bye. Shoes I don’t wear … bye bye. I’ll be getting rid of quite a few of my vintage swing dresses too (SHOCK). Stash.. no.. we don’t touch stash… 😀

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